Elmutaz Elrabaa began his career with B+H at our Toronto studio in 2008, bringing with him extensive experience in the hospitality and healthcare sectors. Leveraging his cross-sector portfolio, he employs a pragmatic approach to healthcare design that not only addresses the complexity of operations but also the diverse needs of patients, their families, and caregivers. Elmutaz transferred his skillset to our Singapore studio six years later, and much like his ability to marry principles from different sectors to uncover holistic designs, he applies lessons learned from designing healthcare institutions in North America to his work in Asia.

Creativity in design arises from the application of science and evidence-based theory to create something new.

Working within the complexities that are naturally inherent to healthcare design, Elmutaz knows how imperative it is to create strong stakeholder and team relationships. Through transparent communication, open dialogue, and trust, Elmutaz leads global and multi-disciplinary teams to deliver large-scale projects from inception, through all design phases, to contract administration and client handover in Canada, The Middle East, and Asia.

Focused on shaping strong community connections through healthcare institutions that promote healing and quality care, Elmutaz focuses on design excellence and the application of outcomes from extensive research and data collection. A strong advocate of applying evidence-based design in his projects, he is EDAC- and LEED-accredited and leverages his nearly 20 years of experience to deconstruct complex details to shape efficient, safe, accessible, and sustainable design.