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Teams curated for the right blend of talent and experience.

George Zhang

Lauren Reimer

Sean Cain

We believe in the power of design to transform spaces, communities, and economies.

Anne White

Tan Ho


Young Yang

Thao Huynh

Daniel Herhold

Anh Tran

Thoang Tran

Rico So

Successful projects require strong relationships. Strong relationships are built on trust.

Kyle Anderson

Romeo Reyes

Leanne Washuta

Baomin Li

Mohamed Ali

Tri Vo

Shannon Hart

Alexander Thomson

Fangfang Zhao

We nurture and inspire our talent to create transformative solutions for our clients.

Shannon Woods

Lily Ho

Vesna Herscovitch

Joselito Olano

Marcin Milkowski

Nick Patterson

We uncover our clients’ current and anticipated business contexts to inspire innovation.

Van Ha

Minh Chau

Lehman Chen

Design performance and innovation are responsive to emerging market trends.

Trang Tran

Xing Ni Poon

Phuc Tran

Ruiying Gao

Susan Wang

Marley Stephenson

Dallas Ptosnick

Lam Huynh

Livia Sima

Phuong Tran

Erwin Espenilla

Boian Dabov

Thosapond Chawatpunjaroen

Jogman Kharoudh

Tram Tran

Vi Tran

Phuong Nguyen

Regina Li

Wesley Gross

Rean Bulaon

Lecia Hansen

Lina Al-Yamor

Elizabeth St. Denis